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The advantages of school management system serve everyone involved in the academic process: the administrators who oversees the school operations, teachers, students, staff, parents who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the staff which gets the processes up and running.

School ERP software provides a set of tools - a roadmap if you will, that enables school administrators to smoothly run the institution and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity. It is a lot easier to imagine what some of the benefits of school management are. Here is the top-ten list of the advantages of School ERP software. By implementing school management software, you will focus on improving the quality of education, reach desired academic goals within specific time and cost perimeters. The final outcome is that all the constituents-students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents comes out a winner - which just may be school management's best benefit of all..

1. Technology is everywhere Education is witnessing unparalleled growth and students are increasingly using desktops and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to access the virtual classroom. There has been a transition in school administration and the easy-to-use technology solution is doing wonders to face the challenges and improve the way schools are managed.

2. Increase daily productivity School Management System helps administrators of schools boost their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage schools and accurately organize school data.

3. Collaborate beyond classrooms As a web and mobile- based interactive application, it connects schools, students, and staff seamlessly to manage school processes efficiently and reduce the workload drastically.

4. Save paper & reduce teacher workload School Management solution is ahead of the curve, providing full automation of all the functions of school administration and achieves the goal of paperless administration.

5. Connect multiple departments & campuses IT enables schools with excellent ways to systematically manage schools in multiple locations. It is a simple and powerful solution that connects all departments and campuses in a single integrated platform.

6. Complete automation for smarter decisions School Management solution helps in organizing various aspects of school system including student, staff, admission, time table, examination, fees, reporting and so on. The system helps administrators to access, manage, and analyze data and processes for quick and well-informed decision-making.

7. High performance & better employee happiness The need to optimize resources leading to a better allocation of staff leads to the incorporation of school management solution. It is a complete solution that delivers a unique and comprehensive school management.

8. Deepen student learning with technology More importantly, with SaaS-based technology, it provides scalability, customizations, and integrations to ensure that the schools are managed with the most advanced capabilities.
9. Anywhere access right from your palm School management solution is a web and mobile-based application which features a centralized data storage structure which helps administrators, students, teachers and parents to access data from anywhere and anytime.

10. Save money & improve student engagement School management solution makes the work and functioning of school processes extremely easy to save time and cut down the administrative costs and focus on improving student success.

Education institutions desire to be efficient and agile throughout the academic process – right from admission and registration until graduation. This will help an institute achieve its goals and drive growth. That being said, most of the institutions today especially schools and higher education institutions can enhance their efficiency and productivity in almost every process and without any second thoughts, this includes academic workflows.
Maintaining everyday academic task is undoubtedly tedious and frustrating if executed through manual and paper-based or on some entry-level traditional education software. This includes processing admission, enrolment, attendance, assignment, grades, transcripts, discipline, library management, etc. Fortunately, with the advancement of green board, you have web based ERP software to take care of all your complex academic and administrative processes.

Here are seven good reasons to dump your traditional education software and switch to greenboard.

1. Reduce your workload with everything being stored securely on server, you don’t have to install expensive hardware or incur huge maintenance costs. You don’t have to fret about backups, upgrades and updates, as they are automatically triggered from green board servers saving you from the pains of manual updating.

2. Unmatched cloud & mobility One of the biggest advantages of green board education solution is that it automates, streamlines and simplifies core aspects of your education processes. green board automation saves you big time from the hassle of tedious and manual processes. Most importantly, you get rid of those annoying double data entry and inaccuracies. You have error-free and seamless academic processing. Moreover, green board software facilitates easy and instant access to critical academic data from anywhere, anytime and from any device. This renders amazing flexibility to educators on the go.

3. Real-time data at hand Real-time data is something that is crucial for administrators, staff and faculty to lay their hands on. This helps them get a comprehensive dashboard view of how their students are performing. With traditional education software, it becomes difficult to get this data as and when required. Nevertheless, with a unified green board solution, you get instant access to real-time data 24x7. This will create a culture and environment to motivate students, as well as retain students who no longer deliver output as expected.

4. Better collaboration can only be strengthened with greater visibility, role-based permissions and connectivity across multiple channels. The most sought-after green board includes a centralized repository where students and faculty can view and access records, send messages, receive feedback and share documents, images, and video.

5. Multi-campus & Multilingual it certainly is a daunting task to handle all your education processes for multiple campuses and multiple regions. If your data is scattered across multiple locations and languages, it certainly would be inaccessible and inefficient. green board solution delivers a single and unified platform to take care of all your education operations across diverse language and culture. 6. Scalable & Flexible green board, easily adopts institutional changes since it is fully scalable. In addition, with the green board model, you can choose what fits your institute size and unique needs. Scaling up whilst keeping up with the growing number of students is no more a daunting task.

7. Cost-effective With no expensive hardware installation and set-ups, green board education software is affordable. Education institutions of all sizes and types can enjoy the benefits of green board without bombing their budgets.

Greenboard School ERP Logo

Dedicated Support & Services

We provide personal support for the entire time our customers are with us, not just for a short on-boarding period. Our dedicated support staff are part of the core team and not an outsourced support centre. In fact all staff, from admin to the managing director, at Green board, have a customer support mentality. When we say we care, we really mean it. Support is baked into our culture and where we deliver much of our value. we use industry leading systems to manage all requests, monitor our performance and help us pinpoint any areas of our service that needs improvement. We put ourselves through the comprehensive global standard ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System' external audit process every year to ensure our work practices are organised and efficient. We're organised and you can be confident you are in good hands. We provide Green board as 'software as a service' which means our customers also benefit from several additional support services at no extra cost. Apart from having absolutely no installation requirements (all you need is an internet connected web browser), Green board comes with:
1st Class Security
No need to worry about the security of your data's, you are in safe hands and place, we take care of it all. we conform to one of the toughest security standards in the world.

Data back-up
School management systems collect a lot of sensitive data and managing your own systems also requires a comprehensive backup solution. We have this totally covered with secure multiple daily and monthly backups.

Software updates
We work on Green board every day of the year keeping it updated and running smoothly. No need to manage disruptive software updates that soak up your staff's time. You'll automatically have the latest version of Green board as soon as it's available.

"Our customer service personnel's will be available round the clock to hear client issues and resolve them at the earliest. We are much pleased to work on any of your needs regarding our green board. With green board, managing an educational organization is made easy at any time."